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increase in incoming Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)


of Clients landed an SME-grade customer within 3-5 months


of Clients rethought the structure of their sales teams and focused more on speed


of our B2B and B2C Clients witnessed accelerated growth


of Clients landed an Enterprise-grade customer within 6-12 months


lower B2B Cost Per Lead (CPL) benchmarked against sector average


annual reduction in overall marketing and sales-related execution costs


shorter sales cycles from Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) to Close-Win


lower B2C Cost Per Leads (CPLs) benchmarked against sector average

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Clients’ average results are from 9 months of execution after GTMS deployment, using two marketing execution tactics. Results compared to industry average across sectors.
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What our clients say


We are like a post-it. We stick to a thing until we get you there.


The GTMS workshop and strategy provided us with a deep understanding of our target audiences, their fears, and their needs, which enabled us to lower our CPA by 82%, and steadily grow our user base by 40% QoQ.

Michael | Chief Executive Officer - KlikB2C App | AI Matchmaking Tech

Learned a lot during the go to market strategy workshops that we can apply - incredibly helpful for our product teams to get products successfully in the markets. Thanks!

Charlotte | Product Lead - John LewisB2C Homeware | Consumer Goods

The implementation of the GTM execution tactics in conjunction with the advisory helped us intelligently reach our target personas in a matter of weeks, while instantly reducing our overall market cost by 85%’

Will | Global Director of Sales - GlobalMedicB2B Pharma | Consumer Goods

Can provided us with entire GTMS strategy and branding with two marketing execution capabilities, which enabled us to land one of the largest enterprises in our target sector within 4 months execution, exceeding our annual sales KPI with 240%.

Alan | co-CEO - Artos SystemsB2B SaaS | Blockchain

Can formulated a marketing strategy; set up new demand generation channels with supporting processes, content strategies, and frameworks, which drove a considerable amount of MQLs through our marketing-sales funnel.

Tim | Chief Executive Officer - Grip AIB2C Saas | AI Cloud Tech

The GTMS model helped us effectively launch our product into new markets, where we saw a 30% MoM surge in growth for 6 months, including landing our first enterprise client, a big hotel chain.

William | Chief Executive Officer - RotaB2B SaaS | Recruitment Tech

Can’s desire of helping people has been a welcome attribute to me and my team. His GTM workshops and sales techniques have been a major influence in my efforts in attracting qualified leads, witnessing a YoY growth in prospects.

Gilbert | Sales Director - Guru SystemsB2B Real Estate | Hardware

Can and his team at Can&Co have been invaluable and indispensable in our efforts in building one of the world's first early-stage Web3 VC. He has gone above and beyond and showed a great sense of support and loyalty toward our team.

Ferda Kert | Chairman - SIF VenturesVC | Web3

Can’s genuine passion for helping my firm grow was unmissable. His strategy workshops and scientific approach have helped me enormously in growing SevenLegal in the long term to the SME powerhouse it is today.

Bill | Founding Partner - SevenLegalB2B | Legal & Venture Deals

Super clear and structured go-to-market strategy approach that is easy to follow, which tremendously helped our divisions with their eCom innovations in going to market.

Namita | Global E-Commerce Director - UnileverB2C eCommerce | FMCG

The GTMS provided us with a clear, persona-based sales approach with a laser-like focus, which resulted in landing a multinational bank in our 9th month and seeing an overall increase in revenue by 450% YoY.

Carl-Henrik | Vice President of Sales - ClausematchB2B SaaS | FinTech

Our GTM strategy and execution capabilities in conjunction with our execution support has pushed our incoming marketing qualified leads by 444%, reduced our marketing execution cost by 76%, and landed our first demo for an Enterprise client in month 6.

Paul | CEO - KumocoB2B SaaS | Cloud Tech

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